One of the best things a seller can do to increase the value of their home is start on a few home improvement projects. The following are some of the least expected upgrades that pack a large return for your investment:


3 Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home

  1. Install a Steel Door 

Aside from safe communities, buyers also want safe homes. Steel doors offer a feeling of security and protection, and will give you an impressive ROI of 101.8 percent.*

      2.  Add a Wooden Deck 

Wooden decks are ideal for outdoor spaces. They make the home feel larger and typically cost less than brick patios, with an ROI of 80.5 percent.* 


      3.  Improve Curb Appeal 

The first areas of a home that buyers see are the driveway, front yard and the front of the house. Add some shrubs or flowers, pressure wash the driveway and repaint the front door to make a lasting impression. 




When you're ready for your next move, call us to discuss home improvements that will add value and make your home stand out among the competition.